go on !
go on !

Here Struppi talks

about himself


  Woof, I am now 15 years old!

 Up to some old age weaknesses I am really a superfit Strupper !

Madam calls me mostly CHICO, when required also sometimes Stinky, Little Hazel Bear,

Slumpy ,Chicoletti and Struppiboy - I obey to all names,

because I understand the German and even dialect!


Says Madam in the evening   Gonnwa sleepy?  then I jump from the couch like electrified !

Does she say  Gonna peepee a little brooky?

Joo, I pee so fast in the garden that I lose my slappers..

So it is.. One calls this multiculturalism, I guess, and cosmopolitanly!


My occupation:

??? I have no occupation.

My vocation is to  spread JOY everywhere - against a few strokes

.....mmhhhh ....so every hour about the day


I am trained autodidactically 

-  in the persevering   Lymphatic Drainages Foot Massage

   ( on every presenting foot )

- in  the independent   Reflexzone Back Self Massage

   ( on every presenting carpet )

I work successfully as   Goodies Ball Juggler since 2007

and as  Hypnotist ( in the field  ISL / Intense -Sugarsweet-Looking ) since 1996


Acquired badges: Little Small Lake Horse ( breast stroke in the lake )

                                  Big Seal  ( can open out the back legs like a seal backward )



I mould now and then as a Supermodel for cult brands


Additional Qualification: approved  Allergy Sufferer's Dog, not losing hair

and I owns the highest master qualification: as a  Spiritual Teacher

(Satsang every Sunday)


Interests: I am interested in liverwurst breads without bread and...,