to german satsang
to german satsang

Every Sunday Satsang with Struppi

What is Satsang ? Never heard !

Satsang is a  word from Sanskrit and signifies Sitting in Truth.

So my madam told me.

Madam says I am enlighted and therefore she says every sunday ' SIT ! ' to me.,

Then I get 3 liverwurstbreads without bread and then I give Satsang..

Is God a Dog? I believe! If one reads DOG backward one comes on GOD and reverse.

I have a lot of common with GOD:

I am always in HERE and NOW

I never again think of the liverwurst breads from yesterday nor do I dream of  tomorrow's bones
I do not worry, I live

As well as IT just comes!  Walk? OK !    Couch? OK !

Barking at mailman? OK !   Wait in the car? OK !   Pee in the living room? OK ! ! !

I feel well wherever I am

On couch, in doghut, on meadow, on carpet..under table, in wool basket

..chiefly I have enough space to extend highly all my 4 paws

I love unconditionnally

It doesn't matter how strange sometimes my madam looks....  I never criticize her.  

Everything is good like she is !

I perceive with feelings not with judging mind

When it is eatable .  I loose no time!  I act always spontaneously out of my second chakra

I am weird and wonderful ! 

Again and again I have weird ideas and I surprise myself with my creativity


This is really quite ZEN !

And  Yoga and Qigong I practise too



OM on couch
OM on couch
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